Sunday, March 22, 2009

think it's about that time
that I be leaving her
seems I've crossed a line
that we didn't even know was there
I can't forget her eyes
and that makes you sad
I can't pretend I'm wise
why won't it all go away
when I'm sitting on the shore
looking out all the waves
part of me tries to jump in
and part of me walks away
I think I should go back home
if only i knew
where that would be where it would lead
if only I had a clue
I could go line by line
but, they're all recited by you
if i could buy more time
if i could make it work
don't you think that I
would have tried that first
if you meet me at the shore
could you teach me how to breathe
when all around me is the water
and the sand on my feet
would you leave me at the beach
to go back to your depths
would you have me standing here
contemplating little else

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