Sunday, April 27, 2008

along a dirt road casting shadows
long with bloated summer
sky bluer than i've ever seen
like unreality broken through
like the paint you use
your hand in mine we walk
in two days your shoulders
will be peeling
replacing the old with the new
your skin is on my sheets
and mine under your nails
as the season invades us
there's only so much to take off
before you're laid bare
dancing a tango upon the heads of pins
my hand placed where your back meets hip
guiding us through the twists and turns
not knowing this beat we follow
or where it ends or begins
we dance all night and retire
to dance again
in smoke filled hazes
long drawn out gazes
twisting turning mazes
of rose petals
where backs meet hips

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

tendrils fall across your face
plastered there by sweat
your lips taste lovely
like saltwater and strawberry's
like night by the ocean
i am covered by your hair
a waterfall of auburn
shampoo sex
straddling me
raining kisses
soft sweet like springtime
skin pressed to fire
branding me
leaving your mark forever
leaving traces in my mind
the lines written on your back
crisscrossing like a map
of a confused and beautiful city
words wrapping over your hips
your smile holds more than meaning
beneath your emerald gaze
i work in plum and cherry
strawberry and sweat
brushes tickling teasing
titillating tips of twilight tracery
pictures in my mind
memory being what it is
will likely fade away
but not before again
I find a canvas
rose and hewn
all at once remarkable

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Like a New York real estate agent
I've shown too many rooms of my heart
desperate like a boxer in the late rounds
punch drunk and out of options
corner of my mind trying to throw in the towel
I've left myself open
to interpretation and examination
beauty in the eye of the beholder
why can't you be holding me
til after the end times
til the whole world melts away
will i still be wondering
why you had to leave

Sunday, April 20, 2008

i know i come off too strongly
too directly spouting the colors of my mind
rain gutter runoff of insecurity
forming oil slick kaliedoscopes
unfortunately i've covered your ducks
with my row of shit
my own crude fumbling in the dark
knocking over your pottery and I'm
wandering and you're lights out
the best thing that i've ever seen and i'm
wondering what you could ever see
in me

Friday, April 4, 2008

Lasting rays of summer evening
Streaks of red and purple
Meet the waters edge
you were standing
In a blue jean skirt
As the breeze from the ocean
Ruffled your hair like a parent
Waves caressing your feet
Washing the brown sand from them
You were looking at the horizon
The ships passing at sea
Little specks against the gumdrop sky
I was skipping rocks off the waves
You came over and held my hand
And we sat on the sand
Watching the day fade

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Seasons fade
Gently spring to summers wrath
Falls cool embrace to winters death
For this we trade
Permanence, Solidity, Temperance
Vibrancy, Variety, Vicissitude
The house in Kansas
For the yellow brick road
Even if we have to step
On the which is here
To get there
To face our lions
Follow our paths
Find our cities
Made of emerald glass
Step on rainbows
Wonder why
Diamonds rarely fall
From the sky
Ah yet seasons won't stop their cycle
Years pass from days
Time our closest friend
Even she betrays
In the end
Our adventures done
There must come
An end of one
Falling from flower petals
Dew tasting sweetly on my tongue
Shall I tiptoe through your garden
Or make a mad dash to the heart of things
We savor our various detours
Finding this nook or enclosure
Our rendezvous
To steal away our kisses
Our longing
Obscured from the prying eyes of
Those that might not
Understand how we can feel so free
To express
Want and need
Desire formed delicately
Under cover of night