Sunday, October 5, 2008

Between you and I

Gilded honey dipped words
have not been enough
have not been insightful
have not cracked the hard walls that you've erected
supposing like all things
it pales as time goes on
we even take for granted the glory of sunsets
and smiles, half lidded and shy
words mouthed across hallways
across oceans and deserts
across the gulf between me and you
I don't suppose it matters
for it would seem you think all things do
but I protest to you
that not all things are like flowers
they do not wither
nor their scent falter in intensity
nor do their petals lose sheen or luster
they persist unwatered and unattended
no matter how neglected they might be
in coffeeshops and kitchen counters
on the window sill between you and I

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