Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tales of the counquering hero

Okay, so as referenced earlier, I knew I was going to be playing IG Hidden, in the City Championship. What I didn't know was that I wouldn't be able to find any of my Crime Syndicates or Flying Kicks which is of course ridiculous since I must have about 20 or so Flying Kicks. So after calling around and being able to secure at least the FK's Mike and I headed over to the shop. Regardless this is the pile I ended up playing...


4 Catwoman
4 Johnny Quick
2 Superwoman
4 Owlman
2 Black Manta
4 Jemm
2 Ultraman
4 White Martian
2 Prometheus


4 Batzarro Beatdown
1 Savage Beatdown
1 Crime Syndicate
2 Pathetic Attempt
2 Hunte Castle
2 Lvl. 12 Intelligence
3 Flying Kick
4 Big Leagues
3 Skree
4 Secret Files
4 Blinding Rage

Total: 60

So after grabbing the three Flying Kicks from Adam and tossing them in my deck heading out for a quick smoke and BSing with the folks at the card shop we sit down to play there's 9 players there which is nice for what I considered pretty average prize support. I take a quick look at the meta for the tourney.

1 FF (Bonnie)
1 IG Hidden (yours truly)
1 Kree/VU (Adam)
1 Punisher (Abel)
1 Skrull/IH (Sean)
1 FF (Mike)
1 Hellboy/??? (Mikey)
1 IH Curve (Mik)
whatever Ryan was playing

Rounds are paired up, Sean has the bye.

Round 1 Abel (Punisher/FF)

Abel is a good player in our area and I knew he'd be playing Punisher since he's been playing it for a while. I win the roll and take evens.
Turn 1

Abel lays a resource and passes.

I drop Catwoman.

Life 52-48

Turn 2

I drop Superwoman. Abel plays Punisher hidden. I swing for 4. Abel powers Punisher up on his attack back

Life 51-46
Turn 3

Abel lays and plays out Thing ( the 6/5 one). I play Owlman, he swings for 9 to the face which I am of course forced to take. I play Skree on Punisher, swing Owlman through him then smash Superwoman into Thing, lastly I bring Catwoman across for the 5 point swing. Abel Ko's Punisher.

Life 42-34
Turn 4
I Lay a resource and play Jem, discarding Johnny Quick. Abel plays Punisher attaches a Desert Eagle to him flips a Baxter Building, draws, discards an Invisible Woman, draws again still can't find part of the Fate Suite and flips a Tower, discarding another FF character, finally going out to get the Helm. Raised eyebrow on my side. Combat ensues. I first attempt to Lvl. 12 away the eagle, he responds by calling my attempt Pathetic. So, I have Superwoman bravely fly over and smash punisher for 7 with the help of the Big Leagues. "I should have gotten the Cloak" Abel says. I then run Jem into Thing and Owlman smashes his face for 7. Abel keeps Punisher

Life 39-18
Turn 5

Abel plays Ghost Rider, with a Wheels of Vengance does more drawey-waey stuff with NBB, still can't find any stuff to put on Punisher and shakes his head. I play a White Martian. Abel went to scoop at this point, but we played it out anyway after his attack it was 6-18, after mine it was 6-(-12)


Game two I play Mike my roommate he's playing FF and just shakes his head. "You know that's a total pile you're playing right?" He says to me.
"Yup," I reply, "still gonna win."
"I know." He states glumly.
the game goes pretty much that way with me winning 32-(-2)


Game 3 I play Sean who is also playing a hidden deck. He sits presents his deck and says to me, "good luck," to which I reply in kind.

It pretty much goes as chalk with me playing my characters hidden and Sean moving his with Franklin Richards. We do an obscene amount of damage to each other due to the fact that he has no hidden hate and I can't find a Skree! Turn five we of course have complete boards, except for a three for me which I missed. He swings for like 38 taking me from 20 to -18, I look grimly at the fact that he has 16 and start doing math, eventually I figure it out and get him to -19 while I sit at -16 thanks to the +2 from Catwoman. I shake my head and Sean's hand and step outside for a much needed smoke.


Game 4 I play Mik. Mik is playing straight IH curve and poses no problem really as I finish him off on turn 5 11-(-18). This game was notable for being the only one of the four in which I didn't get Catwoman on 1.


I have to say the deck is phenomenally fast and strong, I can see why people were gaga over it at the modern tourney in LA. Even a sub-par build like this one was able to pretty much lay waste. There wasn't really a match that I felt pushed in, except for the one with Sean, and even in that game I never thought I was going to lose. That's not to say the other players played poorly, Just that the decks I faced couldn't get to the hidden area. If Adam had played the Wolverine deck then things probably would have been different, Wolverine pretty much eats Injustice Hidden alive. It's weird though, I'm a City Champion, I placed 2nd in the first CC, and yet I've bombed all the Elite Series and MW events I've attended...I'm not sure if that makes me a good player or just lucky in my meta choices. hmmm.

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